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SINCE 1925.


Our family-run mill in northern India is in its 6th generation of premium rug manufacturing. Our mill is committed to manufacturing the best quality products on the market, while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Our rugs are made-to-order, ensuring the highest quality.



We use only the best quality wools on the planet. Our go to yarn is New Zealand and Merino Wool, and our all Natural Silk is sourced from sustainable cocoons.

Our mill is Good Weave Certified, meaning that from yarn sourcing to shipment, only adults are employed in the rug production process.

We use only the softest, most luxurious yarns on the market to ensure that your rug will not only last for decades, but also feel like heaven on your bare feet. We use only the best natural dyes, which are environmentally friendly and nontoxic. We can accommodate any rug request with ease and provide you the most luxurious, durable, and ethical rugs.


Urban Rug Co. is your bespoke rug design studio. We offer a simple, efficient and open pricing structure. Quotes are based on yarn type, rug size, colors and carving options, with no hidden costs. Artwork visualization and strike-offs are complimentary to every order. Shipping is calculated as "Delivered & Duties Paid" (DDP) to your door. Our experienced team manages the entire design, production and delivery process from A to Z.


Choose from our rainbow palette of 2500+ exquisite hand-picked hues to create the ideal space-defining rug for your next project. Our expansive spectrum includes vivid colors appropriate for areas in need of a pop of color, saturated tints for more classic settings, and delicate natural tones for more tranquil places.


Or, send us your Pantone swatch colours and we'll match them!




With Urban Rug Co.'s full in-house design service, you get precisely what you're looking for. Your rug design will be created just for you based on your specifications and will be one-of-a-kind. This stage of the process will include the selection of colors, patterns, and textures. We'll make adjustments until you're satisfied and ready for us to begin production.


We weave our own rugs by hand in our own mill. This gives us total  control over the quality of our rugs as a result. Our team of seasoned and skilled weavers is meticulous in creating heirloom-quality rugs, meaning your investment will last for generations.


From the first knot to the final trim, we pay close attention to every detail at every step of production.



Below are listed our three most popular rug grades: Signature, Premium, and Lux

If you're looking for something else, contact us and our experts will assist you in getting exactly what you need.

1. SIGNATURE​ GRADE                                                                                                 

production:                  TUFTED & HAND CARVED

yarn:                             NEW ZEALAND WOOL 

density:                        4.5 KG / sq. meter  

production time:          6+ Weeks

2. PREMIUM GRADE                                                                                                   

production:                  HAND KNOTTED & HAND CARVED

yarn:                             NEW ZEALAND WOOL 

density:                        60-150 KNOTS PER SQUARE INCH.  

production time:          6+ Weeks

3. LUX GRADE                                                                                                            

production:                  HAND KNOTTED & HAND CARVED

yarn:                             NEW ZEALAND WOOL + MERINO WOOL/SILK BLEND

density:                        60-150 KNOTS PER SQUARE INCH.  

production time:          6+ Weeks


We provide a 5 year warranty against manufactured deficiencies. Get in touch to find out more about our warranties and fire ratings. 

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