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At Urban Rug Co., we understand that quality and ethics are never an either-or choice. That's why our yarns are meticulously selected for both excellence and sustainability.


World-Class Wools: Our go-to yarns include New Zealand and Merino Wool, renowned for their softness and strength.


Natural Elegance: All our Natural Silk is sourced from sustainable cocoons, ensuring an ethical touch of luxury.


Heavenly Comfort: Crafted with the softest, most luxurious yarns, our rugs promise decades of durability and a feel that's pure bliss underfoot.


Eco-Friendly Dyes: Only the best natural dyes make the cut – environmentally friendly and non-toxic, because we care for the planet as much as we do for your project's perfection.


Whether it's a chic residence or a demanding commercial space, we can accommodate any rug request, delivering not just beauty and endurance but a commitment to responsible luxury.




We believe that excellence in design goes hand in hand with integrity in production. That's why we are a proud partner of GoodWeave.

What does that mean for you and your projects?

Assurance of Fair Practices: GoodWeave's certification ensures that our rugs are crafted without child, forced, or bonded labour.

A Symbol of Trust: Look for the GoodWeave label on our products. It's not just a tag; it's our promise to you, your clients, and the world.

Quality with a Conscience: Whether for a home or a business, our contract-grade rugs marry beauty with ethical craftsmanship.


Wish to know more about our commitment to responsible production? Visit and explore how Urban Rug Co. is weaving a future that's not just vibrant but virtuous.

SINCE 1925.


Tradition, quality, and innovation – these aren't just words at Urban Rug Co. They're the foundation of a legacy that began in our family-run mill in northern India, now in its 6th proud generation of premium rug manufacturing.

But we don't just rest on our heritage. We believe in:


Unwavering Quality: Every rug is made-to-order, reflecting our dedication to producing only the best.


Sustainability: A commitment to the environment, hand in hand with our craft.

Social Responsibility: We believe in giving back, ensuring our success benefits more than just our business.


From residential elegance to commercial durability, our contract-grade rugs embody excellence, crafted with an eye for detail that's been refined since 1925.


At Urban Rug Co., we believe in transparency and simplicity. Our pricing structure is as open and clear as a freshly cleaned rug.


No Hidden Costs: Quotes are meticulously crafted, considering yarn type, rug size, colours, and carving options. What you see is what you get.


Complimentary Extras: Artwork visualization and strike-offs? They're on us with every order.


Complete Delivery: Shipping is calculated as "Delivered & Duties Paid" (DDP) right to your door. No unexpected surprises.


End-to-End Management: Our experienced team's got you covered, from the initial spark of design to production, all the way to delivery.





Got a specific colour in mind for your next project? At Urban Rug Co., we know how vital those perfect hues can be. Whether it's a soft pastel or a vibrant shade, our experts can colour match any Pantone colour to create a rug that's truly in line with your design vision.

Why choose Pantone colours for your custom rug? Here's why:

Precision Matching: We ensure that the shade you pick is the shade you get, every time.


Endless Possibilities: Over 2,000 Pantone colours mean your creativity knows no bounds.


Quality Assurance: Consistency throughout, from edge to edge, rug to rug.


Client Satisfaction: Meet your clients' expectations with a rug that reflects their personality.


Streamlined Communication: Quicker decision-making and a seamless design process, all speaking the same colour language.


Urban Rug Co., also offers colour matching with both ARS and Chromatone systems, developed specifically for the custom rug industry. These systems provide:


Unparalleled Accuracy: Tailor-made for rugs, ensuring an exact match every time.

Industry Alignment: Designed with the rug-making process in mind for seamless integration.

Enhanced Creativity: Broaden your design possibilities with specialized colour options.

Choose the hues that resonate with your vision and let us craft the rug that doesn't just fit your project but enhances it. Get in touch with Urban Rug Co. and make your next project a colourful masterpiece.




At Urban Rug Co., we know that your design needs are unique and specific. That's why our in-house design service is tailored to fit seamlessly into your project's vision.

Your chosen colours, patterns, and textures will be intricately woven together, creating a rug that's not just a piece but a statement. Need adjustments? No problem. We'll refine and rework until it's the exact fit for your space and your client's personality.

Ready to take the next step? Connect with Urban Rug Co. today. Let's make your next project truly extraordinary.


Craftsmanship isn't just a word; it's our way of life.


Woven by hand in our own mill, our rugs meet the highest standards of quality. Whether for a cozy home or a bustling commercial space, our contract grade rugs are designed to leave a lasting impression.

Our seasoned team, skilled in the art of rug-making, crafts each piece with a dedication to excellence. Every knot, every weave, every trim is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail.


From inception to completion, we focus on the intricacies, ensuring that the final product stands up to the demands of any environment. Residential or commercial, our commitment to quality shines through.


Connect with Urban Rug Co. today, and let's create something that's not just beautiful but enduringly robust.



Below are listed our three most popular rug grades: Signature, Premium, and Lux

If you're looking for something else, contact us and our experts will assist you in getting exactly what you need.

1. SIGNATURE​ GRADE                                                                                                 

production:                  TUFTED & HAND CARVED

yarn:                             NEW ZEALAND WOOL 

density:                        4.5 KG / sq. meter  

production time:          6+ Weeks

2. PREMIUM GRADE                                                                                                   

production:                  HAND KNOTTED & HAND CARVED

yarn:                             NEW ZEALAND WOOL 

density:                        60-150 KNOTS PER SQUARE INCH.  

production time:          6+ Weeks

3. LUX GRADE                                                                                                            

production:                  HAND KNOTTED & HAND CARVED

yarn:                             NEW ZEALAND WOOL + MERINO WOOL/SILK BLEND

density:                        60-150 KNOTS PER SQUARE INCH.  

production time:          6+ Weeks


We provide a 5 year warranty against manufactured deficiencies. Get in touch to find out more about our warranties and fire ratings. 

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