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James Marshall, known as Dalek, is an American painter best known for his Space Monkey character.  Upon completing art college in the 1990's, he began exhibiting his work and produced stickers and prints of the character to encourage broader exposure of his art. 2001 proved to be a significant year in Daleks' career when he moved to Brooklyn, NY.  That same year he was drawn to the Boston Museum for a show displaying the works of Takashi Murakami. Realizing that he still needed some sort of articulation when it came to his own art, and finding it within Murakami’s, Dalek started his apprenticeship with the renowned Japanese painter, which greatly informed his own studio practice, color mixing and other disciplines crucial to his process today.  He has participated in numerous solo and group shows throughout the US, Asia and Europe.  He has painted several large-scale murals and completed a variety of commercially commissioned work for companies including American Express, Microsoft, and Instagram and more.  He has collaborated with many product companies, to name a few, a sneaker for Nike, an apparel collection for Hurley,  Space Monkey collectible toys for Kid Robot, bikes with LDG, home décor items for Target.  His work is critically acclaimed in the media, and it has been featured in numerous publications, articles, and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Juxtapoz, and many more.

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100% New Zealand Wool + Merino Wool and Pure Silk Blended Yarn

Hand Knotted 100 knots / sq. inch

Heirloom Contract Grade

Limited Edition of 11

Hand-signed by Artist with Certificate of Authenticity

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